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Feedinfo Perspectives Presents: Exploring the Use of Insects As Feed Ingredients

Source: EnviroFlight via Feedinfo

19 November 2020 - In our new Feedinfo Perspectives video on Exploring the Use of Insects As Feed Ingredients, we better understand this growing industry and look at the potential the insect feed market has.

We speak to Carrie Kuball who is the Vice President for Sales and Marketing at EnviroFlight, who are supporting this video, to discuss areas like why insects are showing so much potential, how you go about raising black solider flies for feed ingredients and if it is possible for this sector to support the entire feed industry.

For those interested in finding out more about this growing sector that has seen a lot of investment over the last few months, this video will help you better understand the market, benefits and challenges being overcome regarding insect products in animal feed.