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China Ends Methionine Anti-Dumping Investigation

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9 October 2020 - China will terminate its anti-dumping investigation on methionine imports from Malaysia, Japan and Singapore from 10 October, the ministry of commerce said today.

As a result, no import tariff will be imposed on methionine shipped from the above countries.

In response to the decision, European producer Evonik said it “has restated its commitment to the region.” Evonik welcomed the ministry’s decision and the company’s Chinese team will continue to serve the Chinese market.

Evonik operates methionine plants in Singapore, Korean producer CJ produces in Malaysia, and output from Japan is from manufacturer Sumitomo Chemical. (For more details on capacity and operating rate, please see Feedinfo's Delphi analytics service)

Sumitomo Chemical also stated it was pleased with the decision. "Through the sale of methionine, we would like to focus on ensuring open and fair competition and a stable food supply worldwide," the company said.

The ministry started the anti-dumping investigation on 10 April 2019 to assess whether methionine imported from Malaysia, Japan and Singapore had caused damage to the domestic industry and the causal relationship between dumping and damage.

On 25 March, the ministry extended the investigation period until 10 October.

On 21 September, Chinese producer Ningxia Ziguang Tianhua Methionine Co., Ltd (Unisplendour Chemical). applied to cancel the anti-dumping investigation, which contributed to the ministry’s decision.

NHU, Adisseo and Dalian Zhuhu Jingang Chemicals are the other methionine producers in China.