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Helping you get your story in front of a highly engaged audience of 29,000+ animal nutrition and feed professionals from around the globe

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How are you getting your message out there?

Marketing your products effectively and to the right audience while avoiding noise and clutter is an ongoing challenge. How can you make sure your voice is heard by the right people? Working closely with our editorial teams, Feedinfo will work with you to:

  • Reach existing customers to upkeep your brand
  • Expand your audience sustainably and successfully
  • Exceed your growth targets to expand your business

We will help you develop custom-made and engaging pieces of multimedia content to help engage your target audiences and boost your brand in this competitive market.

What is your current main goal?

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Thought leadership

Are you a thought-leader in the industry? Share your insights with the animal nutrition and feed sector in the most effective way possible. We’ll help you to lead the way on discussions and debates about the topics that matter most to your and your target audience

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Audience growth

How are you growing your audiences? Target your message or broadcast to the full 29,000+ of Feedinfo's globally engaged professionals, with a mix of multimedia content, from written articles, to research, The Feedinfo Summit, podcasts, videos or webcasts.

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Research, product or brand launches

What's the best way to shout about your new research findings, product, or brand? Gain maximum impact for your innovations, through either individual content pieces, or a broad campaign encompassing multiple media.

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Feedinfo's multimedia content and networking options

Get involved in producing content and sponsoring events. Whether through an individual article or podcast episode, a full campaign spanning multiple media channels, or a sponsorship package at the Feedinfo Summit, our team can work with you and your goals to design the most effective approach.


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  • 900+ views worldwide
  • 4,785 emails opened
  • 12,149 total social impressions
  • 1,000+ listens globally
  • Emailed to 29,000 subscribed professionals
  • 3% post engagement rate on social
  • Be the top story on Feedinfo
  • Collaborate with our expert editorial team on the hottest topics
  • Sent directly to a qualified list of over 14,000 professionals
  • Speaker Position
  • Sponsored Content
  • Exhibition booth

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