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Tumultuous Year for Supply and Demand Clear to See in Delphi Data Update

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30 November 2020 - The effects of a tumultuous year – and its projected impact on the feed additives sector in 2021 – are clearly shown in the latest update of Delphi, the strategic analytics and planning tool powered by Feedinfo.

“A great deal has changed in the last six months, with COVID-19 undermining global demand for animal protein just as China was starting to recover from the effects of African Swine Fever,” said Sam Weatherlake, a Senior Analyst at Feedinfo. “This latest update shows what sort of impact we expect this to have on the main feed additives this year and going into 2021.”

Besides updating all data and forecasts for the three key amino acids (methionine, lysine and threonine), Delphi now also covers three leading vitamins – vitamin A 1000, vitamin E 50% and vitamin B2 80% – as part of its product suite.

“Vitamins are extremely complex products to track, and it’s not been an easy task to incorporate them into the database,” said Weatherlake. “Now that we’re able to offer these vital additives as part of our analytics service, Delphi subscribers will be much better informed about what has traditionally been a very opaque area of the feed additives industry.”

Delphi is an essential tool for anyone seeking clarity on supply and demand for any of these six key additives. The database includes capacity, production, trade and consumption data from more than 80 countries, with tens of thousands of data points. Historical data is presented from 2004 onwards, together with a forecast to 2024.

The Plants & Projects List allows subscribers to identify which companies are producing specific additives, in which locations, and to track capacity developments for the approximately 100 amino acid and vitamin plants worldwide. It also provides updates for ongoing projects, allowing users to track changes and any potential supply challenges.

Subscribers to Delphi receive spring and autumn updates to the Supply & Demand Database, along with quarterly updates to the Plants & Projects List. Commentaries and data visualisations are also provided, giving users a clear view of data trends and a rationale for the five-year forecast.

Find out more about Delphi at https://www.feedinfo.com/delphi and ask for a personal demonstration to understand more about its capabilities.