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PODCAST: The Feedinfo Analysts talk Amino Acid and Vitamins Markets - Episode 1, Season 2

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23 April 2021 - In the first episode of Season 2 of Feed for Thought, we talk to two Senior Analysts from Feedinfo, Karolina Zagrodna and Heather McGuire Doyle.

In this interview we discuss what happened to global amino acid and vitamins markets through the COVID-19 pandemic and what impact that has had on these markets now. We talk about what developments over the last year and a half mean for current amino acid and vitamins pricing, the most surprising things we saw in these markets over this period and what potential market disruptors we should be keeping an eye on.

For those interested in tracking these markets this podcast provides a great overview of what we have seen over the last 16 months and what we can expect for the future in these dynamic and often turbulent markets.

The episode also features an animal nutrition industry news roundup from the last two weeks, from our Editor in Chief Simon Duke.

Listen here or download directly.