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PODCAST: Europe’s Gas Crisis – Could Winter Spell Trouble for Feed Additive Makers? – Season 3, Episode 8

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15 September 2022 – With Europe facing a massive energy crisis due to Russia cutting it off from gas supplies, the coming winter could spell even more trouble. So, should feed additive makers there be worried? We find out in this brand-new episode of Feedinfo’s Feed for Thought.

In this episode we are joined by Paula Di Mattia Peraire, the European Gas Market Analyst at the Independent Commodity Intelligence Services (ICIS) who gives us a more in-depth look at how serious the situation is on the ground and how that picture could change once winter hits Europe. We also chat to Karolina Zagrodna, Senior Analyst at Feedinfo about how some key vitamin and methionine producers on the continent are approaching the gas crisis and how they are planning to navigate energy disruptions to ensure production.

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