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PODCAST: A Closer Look at the EU’s Changing Relationship with GM Corn in Feed – Season 3, Episode 5

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13 May 2022 – With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine cutting the EU off from one of its main suppliers of non-genetically modified corn, feed producers across the bloc are now increasingly having to turn to genetically modified variants from the US and Brazil to make up the shortfall.

The EU, which gets around half of its corn from Ukraine, has always had a complicated relationship with genetically modified crops, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could be changing all that, for the animal feed sector at least.

In our latest episode of Feedinfo’s Feed for Thought podcast, we take a closer look at the situation with our Editor in Chief, Simon Duke and Benoit Fayaud, the Grain and Crop Analyst at sister company, Stratégie Grains.

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