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INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVES - How We Can Better Use Feed Enzymes to Support Ruminants? (Video)

Source: Danisco Animal Nutrition (IFF) via Feedinfo

14 October 2021 - In this new Feedinfo video we discuss how enzymes in feed can address some of the biggest challenges we face in ruminant animal husbandry. We know enzymes are not used as extensively in the ruminants sector as they are for monogastrics, so we look at the potential this feed additive group has for livestock producers in this video supported by Danisco Animal Nutrition (IFF).

We speak to Dr. Fred Owens, Emeritus Professor of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University and Dawn Overby, Global Segment Manager at Danisco Animal Nutrition (IFF), to unpick this issue and better understand where enzymes can really play a role in supporting some of the issues we face.

For those interested in learning more about how using enzymes in ruminant feed could save money and lead to healthier animals, this short, informative video is a must watch.

Areas to be discussed include:

 - Why starch digestion is an important issue for ruminant producers to be thinking about? (2:35)

 - Why do we see a huge market in monogastric enzyme solutions but a smaller demand for ruminant enzyme solutions? (4:00)

- What are the problems enzymes can solve in ruminants that people may not be aware of? (5:25)

- What role can enzymes play in addressing the challenge of starch digestion? (6.30)

- What are Danisco Animal Nutrition’s next steps for their work in the field of ruminant nutrition? (7.30)

- How does the new Bovizyme GA enzyme solution work and why it is useful in offering a solution? (8.45)

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