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IDENA Benefitting from Synergies with Lactic Acid Producer STI Biotechnologie; Open to More Deals – SPACE 2021

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15 September 2021 - Nearly a year after French animal nutrition group IDENA acquired STI biotechnologie (a company which owns two exclusive strains of lactic acid bacteria), sales structures are in place and IDENA is benefitting directly from the synergies with STI’s expertise and products, Emmanuel Bedier, Commercial Director at IDENA told Feedinfo today at the SPACE 2021 trade show.

Bedier said IDENA acquired STI to grow its presence in the market for solutions for animal microbiota and barrier flora management; lactic acid was a strategic fit.

“It was our first external acquisition and it will help accelerate the group’s business,” he said, stressing that STI biotechnologie remains independent from a commercial standpoint.

“[The STI biotechnologie acquisition] gave us a taste for potential future M&A activity,” Bedier added. “We are considering opportunities more on the upstream front than downstream.”

STI biotechnologie was founded in 2007 and is based in Fougères in Brittany. In November 2020, STI biotechnologie employed around 10 staff and generated 30% of its turnover from exports.