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Adisseo: New Liquid Methionine Plant on Track for H2 2022 Start-Up; Calysseo Plant to Open in 2022 – SPACE 2021

Source: Feedindo Logo Final

16 September 2021 - Work on Adisseo’s new liquid methionine plant in Nanjing, China (BANC2 project) is progressing well and is on track for an end of H2 2022 start-up, Frank Chmitelin, Executive Vice-President Sales for Adisseo told Feedinfo at the SPACE 2021 trade show held in Brittany.

BANC2 is Adisseo’s second methionine plant in Nanjing and has a nameplate capacity of 180,000 tonnes/year.

“Despite the challenging global context, we remain very confident in our project,” Chmitelin said.

Chmitelin also confirmed that Adisseo’s 50/50 joint venture with Calysta Inc., Calysseo, is expecting that its first commercial production facility in Chongqing, China, will be operational in 2022.

Once operational, the facility will be able to produce 20,000 tonnes of FeedKind protein in 2022 initially, and an extra 60,000 tonnes quite soon afterwards.

FeedKind is produced by fermenting natural gas with a naturally occurring bacteria. It can be used as a feed ingredient for fish, livestock and pets. Calysta describes FeedKind as a safe and effective alternative to the fishmeal and soy protein.

News on the expected 2022 facility opening comes on the heels of Calysta’s recent announcement regarding the completion of a $39 million financing round, led by BP PLC's BO Ventures to support commercial production of FeedKind.