INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVES: Supporting Dairy Cows Through Improved Methionine Supplementation (Video)

Source: Evonik via Feedinfo

09 December 2021 – In this brand new Feedinfo video, which is supported by Evonik, we take a look at the role that improved methionine supplementation can play in the health, wellbeing and productivity of dairy cows, especially during the crucial transition phase.

In it Evonik’s Jessie Guyader, Ruminant R&D Manager and Lukas Bauer, Technical Support Manager for Ruminants, take us on a deep dive of rumen-protected methionine’s impact on a dairy cow’s overall performance, how it can effectively support her wellbeing during the transition phase, its effect on calf growth performance, and so much more!

Here’s what else viewers can expect from this very informative, must-watch video:

- Why methionine supplementation is so crucial for dairy producers to consider (2:33)
- The main challenges in getting methionine supplementation right in diary production (3:28)
- The importance of supporting dairy cows during the transition phase (4:49)
- How how rumen-protected methionine, like Evonik’s Mepron, can be of use during this critical time in the dairy cow's life (7:21)
- The effects of increased methionine supply on calves (13:42)


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