Huvepharma Deploys Wide-Ranging Portfolio and Specialised Local Expertise Against Coccidiosis Threat | Feedinfo Review

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Coccidiosis is by far the most important parasitic disease in poultry. Because of the damage which coccidiosis causes to the intestinal tract, birds afflicted by it underperform versus the breed standard (which has improved significantly over the last few decades), and this gap has the potential to widen if coccidiosis is not effectively controlled. One recent calculation estimates that the financial burden of coccidiosis in chickens worldwide amounted to around £10.4 billion at 2016 prices. Today’s INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVES piece consults Ben Dehaeck, Global Product Manager for Coccidiostats at Huvepharma® about the best ways to control this global threat and how Huvepharma® is maintaining its leadership in this high-stakes category.

Ben Dehaeck, Huvepharma

Ben Dehaeck


"Lesion scores in various European countries increased significantly in the months after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. Gut integrity was apparently challenged by changes in feed formulations."

- Ben Dehaeck


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