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REPORT: Animal Nutrition Industry Senior Executive Outlooks for 2022

Source: Feedindo Logo Final

by Simon Duke, Feedinfo Editor in Chief

The “Animal Nutrition Industry Senior Executive Outlooks for 2022” report is a collection of industry views addressing some of the major trends and challenges faced by the animal nutrition sector today. The report also sheds light on various risks and opportunities companies may have to deal with in 2022 and beyond.

“Animal Nutrition Industry Senior Executive Outlooks for 2022” is a compilation of Feedinfo INSIGHT articles which were published between 13 and 22 December 2021 on www.feedinfo.com. The articles were based on a series of interviews conducted with 17 animal nutrition industry company senior executives in November 2021.

The report provides a focus on the digital working environment and the race to new technologies; M&A; Mitigating supply chain risks and the influence of China on global markets; animal welfare discrepancies; environmental sustainability and communicating the industry’s efforts; and working together on a new Netflix documentary series to help change how the sector is perceived.

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