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PODCAST: BRI CEO Giles Shih on Innovating in Busy Feed Enzymes Market - Episode 11, Season 2

Source: BioResource International (BRI) via Feedinfo

08 October 2021 – In this sponsored episode of Feedinfo’s Feed for Thought podcast, we check in with Giles Shih, the CEO of BioResource International (BRI) on how his company is continuing to innovate in feed enzymes and why, according to him, some of the players in this feed additive category could do with a bit more imagination.

We also look into how BRI, which is supporting this episode, is pushing the envelop when it comes to feed additives, the feed enzyme technologies and developments it has its eye on, what the company has planned for the future and why this does not include enzymes for ruminants.

So, if you are looking for tips on navigating the busy feed enzymes market and how to approach innovation in the category differently, this episode is definitely not one to miss.  

Plus, as always, our listeners will also get a rundown of the fortnight’s top animal nutrition and feed stories from the Feedinfo newsroom. 

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