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NUQO Gains Foothold in Southeast Asia with New Thailand Branch

Source: Feedindo Logo Final

6 November 2020 - NUQO, a developer and supplier of natural ingredients using algae bioactives and encapsulation techniques, opened a new office in Thailand in September.

Founded in France earlier this year, NUQO manufactures its solutions in three different production sites across Europe. The opening of the Thai office will enable the company to expand sales in Thailand and support its distribution network in Southeast Asia.

Ms. Patcharin Maneeroj, who was appointed Managing Director of NUQO Feed Additives (Thailand), will manage the overall business of NUQO in Thailand, and lead promotion and development of sales in the region. She is joined by a local technical manager and by a regional back-office manager.

“We will focus on direct sales to key accounts and will partner with local distributors for specific market segments. In terms of the warehouse and logistics, we collaborate with a local partner. This helps us to deliver our solutions with very short lead time to our local customers. NUQO Feed Additives (Thailand) is designed to be a business hub for this area,” Ms. Maneeroj said.

“We would like to create more awareness in the Thai market around our products and establish NUQO as a well-known brand. NUQO Thailand will not only be a business hub but also a centre for technical exchange and research,” she added. “Customers in Thailand are always keen to learn and test new innovations and technologies, in order to develop their business, also to make the Thai Livestock industry more efficient and sustainable. This aspiration for more efficient and more sustainable solutions create a very positive trend for natural products and ingredients.”

Guillaume Etave, Global Sales director at NUQO, is also of the opinion that Thailand represents a good opportunity and is a country in line with the company’s market development strategy.

“Our priorities are based on market potential, economic and regulatory environment, technical expectations of the market, competitive landscape, but at the end of the day, it all starts with people. Thailand is a great example; it’s a technical and demanding market with substantial potential and we had the network and connections to gather a great team there,” Etave said.

“Our approach relies on close proximity with customers and local teams, such as NUQO Thailand. We can communicate in a very transparent manner about our product formulation and the efficacy of each ingredient. In return, customers and local teams share more openly what they really need which gives us an advantage to design the next NUQO concepts,” added Dr. Stephanie Ladirat, Global Technology Director at NUQO.

Dr. Ladirat added: “So far our focus has been on gut health and performance and we will continue as this remains a high priority for all producers. We also have projects targeting alternative solutions for more sustainable farming, improving welfare of animals or reducing the environmental footprint of farming. For these longer-term projects, our approach is to discover and screen new molecules or metabolites and to connect them with emerging needs of customers to develop future solutions.”