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NEW INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVES WEBCAST - Sustainability Challenges in Monogastric Animal Husbandry

Feedinfo Perspectives Presents: Sustainability Challenges in Monogastric Animal Husbandry Webcast

Thursday 21st January 16:00 CET 09:00 CT


This free to attend, 35-minute webinar which has been designed in partnership with Agrana brings together three independent technical experts from the fields of animal health and nutrition, to get their thoughts on the sustainability issues that need to be addressed globally.


With increasing pressure on animal husbandry professionals to ensure sustainability as a key priority, this webinar has been specifically developed for technical experts in the animal nutrition and feed industry. It will provide insight into the biggest sustainability challenges that monogastric value chains face and the potential solutions, to ensure you fully understand these issues and how to tackle them.


Join us on Thursday 21st January to learn from these industry experts and put your questions to them in our Live Q&A. Our contributors are:

  • Megan Edwards, Independent Swine Nutritionist            
  • Ferdinand Entenfellner, Independent Swine Veterinarian
  • Franz Sommer, Independent Poultry Veterinarian


Subjects to be addressed include:

  • Discussing the biggest challenges that we are facing in monogastric animal production
  • The role of nitrogen-reduced feeding and how this is being applied globally
  • Managing antibiotic reduction with the implementation of AGP bans
  • The role of betaine in addressing some of these issues

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