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Cargill to Acquire its Phytogenic Feed Additive Partner Delacon

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23 June 2022 - Cargill has signed a binding agreement to acquire phytogenic feed additive company Delacon and its portfolio of products. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The acquisition, which is expected to close in mid-2022, comes after five years of partnership between Cargill and Delacon. The partnership, which kicked off in July 2017, included a minority equity investment from Cargill.

Upon closing, the acquisition is expected to grow the global presence and distribution of both companies. Delacon has a team of about 150 people in 25 countries worldwide; 80 of which are based at the Delacon Hub in Engerwitzdorf, Austria. They will join Cargill’s health technologies business. Engerwitzdorf will remain the phytogenic feed additive hub for Cargill.

Markus Dedl, Delacon’s CEO, said: “It is my responsibility to assure the frame for Delacon’s future growth, developing our ability to thrive, and taking phytogenic expertise to the next level. The acquisition will enlarge Delacon’s scope for future innovations and make phytogenic feed additives more available globally. Together, Cargill and Delacon will accelerate the pace of innovation and drive strategic, long-term growth.”

“After a successful five-year partnership, Cargill and Delacon will build upon their combined deep history and long-term commitment to scientifically driven, sustainable customer solutions focused on animal health, feed efficiency, and performance,” added Adriano Marcon, President of Cargill’s animal nutrition business.