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Andrés Pintaluba Establishes Mycotoxin Binder Spin-Off Company BIŌNTE Animal Nutrition

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26 July 2022 – Spain’s Pintaluba Group informed customers and business partners on 20 July that Andrés Pintaluba SA (APSA) has created a spin-off company for its line of mycotoxin binder products called BIŌNTE Animal Nutrition.

BIŌNTE Animal Nutrition is based in Reus and will mainly be focused on R&D, technical service and commercial support for distributors. The company currently has a workforce of 7 employees and is structuring a commercial team. Its mycotoxin binders will be manufactured by APSA, also based in Reus. Mycotoxin binders production capacity at APSA is currently being expanded to reach a capacity of 10,000 tonnes/year. APSA also has 16,000 m2 storage space for palletized products, with a total capacity of 10,000 tonnes. Its total storage capacity for liquids is 1,600 tonnes of production.

“In this initial phase, the products will be entirely manufactured in the Andrés Pintaluba SA (APSA) facility in Reus, but we do not rule out manufacturing in other countries, taking advantage of the capabilities of the Pintaluba Group,” Ignacio Montagud, General Manager of BIŌNTE Animal Nutrition told Feedinfo.

Montagud said BIŌNTE Animal Nutrition has plans to add new products to the portfolio (one product for aquaculture, two liquid products targeted at fighting oxidative stress and liver damage in animals, and a product with biotransformation activity) and will benefit from APSA’s commercial presence in more than 80 countries. The APSA mycotoxin binder line, prior to the creation of BIŌNTE Animal Nutrition, was present in over 35 countries.

“Our knowledge of the market and of the global challenges of animal nutrition, the experience and international vocation of the technical and commercial team of BIŌNTE, together with the technological and operational support of the Pintaluba Group, are the axes of work that guide the beginning of our activity as an independent company,” he said.

Commenting on the mycotoxin binders market, Montagud said it has evolved significantly in the last few years. “In recent years, new concepts related to mycotoxins (endotoxins, polycontamination...) have shown that much remains to be investigated. The European market, with highly specialised and globally leading research centres, is definitely the most demanding that currently exists … The complexity of the current challenges to mitigate the effects of mycotoxins makes it necessary not only to provide an effective product to farmers, but also along with a good technical service. In addition, it is estimated that the appearance of mycotoxins will be greatly affected by future climate changes. And last but not least, not all farmers face the same challenges: raw materials, target species and regions also have different challenges.”

“Thus, in 2022, backed by more than 20 years of experience in the mycotoxin adsorbent market, BIŌNTE was born with the aim of providing this specialisation … This [global] positioning, with such a level of specialisation, was difficult to meet within APSA as global player in many market segments, and this is why a spin-off of this line of products was decided.”