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40 Years After ALIMET Launch, HMTBa Remains at Heart of NOVUS’ Activities – INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVES



In 1984 NOVUS began producing a liquid methionine source made from hydroxy analogue of methionine, also known as HMTBa, to serve the poultry market in the United States. Forty years later, NOVUS has not only expanded the distribution of ALIMET® Feed Additive to reach poultry, swine and dairy customers around the world, but has also used the methionine source as the foundation for other feed additives, including bis-chelated minerals.

Today, we are joined by Jared Hux, NOVUS’ senior director of global HMTBa applications, to learn about the role of ALIMET® in NOVUS’ past, present, and future.

[Feedinfo] ALIMET® Feed Additive is turning 40 years old in 2024. What have been the major milestones in NOVUS/ALIMET® history since then?

[Jared Hux] In the early 1950s scientists were just beginning to understand how amino acids could produce higher quality meat in less time and at a lower cost. Commercially available methionine supplements were a major shift in the modern poultry industry. The first methionine products like our MHA® Feed Additive were in powder form because feed mills were accustomed to using dry ingredients but then ALIMET® Feed Additive came along.

Jared Hux, NOVUS

Jared Hux
Senior Director of Global HMTBa Applications

By the mid-1990s the U.S. market was using more HMTBa in liquid form as a methionine source than powder DL-methionine. ALIMET® is one of NOVUS’ flagship brands and remains the dominant source of methionine in the U.S. today.
Since its introduction, hundreds of papers have been published demonstrating the full value of ALIMET® in poultry, swine, ruminant and aqua diets.

[Feedinfo] Looking to the future, as NOVUS focuses on “Made of More™,” how does ALIMET® fit into that vision?

[Jared Hux] Made of More™ is our new brand motto. It’s a promise to the industry that they’ll get more from our products and services than what is typically expected from a feed additive company.
Methionine is an essential tool used by nutritionists to help their animals meet growth goals through protein synthesis and weight gain. ALIMET® is the first-ever liquid source of methionine, requiring no handling on the farm or at the feed mill. It’s also easy to mix and pellet, requiring less labor. And thanks to our AIMS® automated supply chain management system, we can remotely monitor product supply and usage for our customers in North America. Moreover, as an organic acid, ALIMET® Feed Additive can help maintain performance during heat stress.
Through our deep understanding of ALIMET® we’ve been able to create more feed additive products – MINTREX® Bis-Chelated Trace Minerals and ACTIVATE® Nutritional Feed Acid – that are made with the key ingredient found in ALIMET®, hydroxy analogue of methionine/HMTBa.

[Feedinfo] NOVUS created its AIMS® automated supply chain management system to help customers track product inventory. Can you give a brief overview of how it works? What kind of technical support does NOVUS offer with the AIMS® system?

[Jared Hux] AIMS® relays information about ALIMET® usage from a tank at a customer site to our customer service team at NOVUS headquarters. The data is automatically analyzed and compared with historical usage data to determine the timeline for the next order and to alert the team of possible problems if the usage rate varies from historical levels.

[Feedinfo] What benefits does the AIMS® system provide for customers, and for NOVUS itself? Why is that more important than ever given recent supply chain issues?

[Jared Hux] When our customers in North America purchase ALIMET®, we provide AIMS® as a value-added service.
The AIMS® system provides real-time information on inventory levels and usage to ALIMET® customers and to our team at NOVUS. This information allows us to build delivery schedules and address any instances of abnormal usage. Thanks to this technology, the NOVUS team will often know if there is a production issue at a customer site before the customer knows.
NOVUS monitors each AIMS® system 365 days a year and someone is on call 24/7 to address any issue customers may have.
Together with our in-depth knowledge of liquid application for feed and our vendor-managed inventory (VMI) process, customers that use ALIMET® have peace of mind when it comes to their methionine supply.

[Feedinfo] NOVUS is working with a new dedicated carrier in North America to deliver ALIMET® Feed Additive. What are the goals of this partnership?

[Jared Hux] Ruan Transportation Management Systems was recently selected as our new bulk transport partner to serve as our dedicated logistics provider for ALIMET® Feed Additive in the U.S. and Canada.
We selected Ruan to help elevate our service to our customers. Ruan has an extensive pool of tanker-endorsed drivers and offers improved technology that will enable us to provide even more reliable and timely service.

[Feedinfo] How does ALIMET® support customers' sustainability goals?

[Jared Hux] First, environmental sustainability: ALIMET® Feed Additive is nitrogen-free, helping to reduce the industry’s nitrogen excretion. Because it’s a liquid there are also no bags to dispose of.
Second, financial sustainability: As a liquid, we’ve eliminated dust and therefore product loss.
Finally, if we look beyond ALIMET® on its own and instead consider HMTBa as an ingredient in MINTREX® Bis-Chelated Trace Minerals, it protects the mineral as it makes its way to the site of absorption. This makes MINTREX® trace minerals highly bioavailable, with greater absorption vs other trace mineral sources. And because more mineral is absorbed, less is excreted into the environment.

[Feedinfo] Through Project Destiny and the recent rebranding, NOVUS leadership has talked about sticking with core strengths and selling in markets where the company can win. What markets is NOVUS focused on for ALIMET® Feed Additive and what does that mean for customers elsewhere?

[Jared Hux] As the leader in intelligent nutrition, it’s NOVUS’ mission to deliver advanced technology that’s rooted in scientific research and designed to help animals reach their full potential. HMTBa is a key part in our history of innovation and is a core strength of the business.
We have a long history of providing best-in-class service to our bulk ALIMET® Feed Additive customers around the world. For example, NOVUS operates multiple delivery terminals in North America and Europe with extensive coverage that enables us to deliver product to customers from various shipping points.

[Feedinfo] What can customers/the industry look forward to from NOVUS in 2024?

[Jared Hux] In 2024 NOVUS is focused on reinforcing our commitment to our customers. We are working to solidify our position as the leader in intelligent nutrition by combining products and services that are Made of More™ with outstanding technical expertise in the field. We are also empowering the R&D teams to identify new or more robust ways we can help our customers with their production challenges.

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