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About Feedinfo

News, pricing & premium market intelligence for the global feed and feed additives sector

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Feedinfo enables you to empower your growth in the animal feed industry, with the tools you need to:


Give yourself the edge

React quickly to the ever-changing conditions throughout the animal feed and nutrition industry, as they happen, with the fastest news coverage on the key developments that matter.


Trade more intelligently

Choose where and when to trade across the global market, through unbiased and independent price reporting on feed-grade vitamins, amino acids and phosphates.


Gain insight into innovation

Add credibility in product development and commercial planning, using 10,000+ peer-reviewed papers on animal nutrition and health trends, patents, genetics, latest R&D and more.

If you are involved in feed additive production, manufacturing premix or compound feed, providing services to, or investing in, the global animal nutrition and feed industry, you need to keep updated on the latest changes, impacts and challenges, as they happen.

Depending on your specific needs, Feedinfo gives you a wide variety of features to help, grouped into three main areas:

  1. Independent and in-depth price reporting and analysis from our own analysts and multiple global sources
  2. The fastest global news and insight service, covering daily developments, key industry opinion, and wider trends
  3. An extensive library of the most exclusive scientific research, innovations, and legislative information
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