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Arvesta to Acquire Remaining 70% of Palital

Source: Feedindo Logo Final

7 January 2021 – Arvesta (formerly known as Aveve) has announced its intent to acquire all remaining shares in Palital, a manufacturer of butyrates, as well as gastric-stable additives, flavouring agents and sweeteners, based in Velddriel (the Netherlands).

The full ownership announcement follows Arvesta’s April 2020 announcement stating it would acquire a 30% stake in Palital.

In the coming weeks, Arvesta and Palital will define how the partnership between both brands can be reinforced, led by Guy Janssens, Director Feed Additives & Specialties at Arvesta.

Dirk Van Thielen, Business Unit Director Animal Nutrition at Arvesta said: “We look forward to this collaboration in order to be able to grow further internationally together with Palital in the field of 'additives and specialties’.”

“We are convinced that this collaboration with Arvesta will enable us to grow faster internationally,” added Henry van den Bighelaar, Managing Director Palital.