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Your strategic supply and demand tool

Support your business in making long-term decisions in strategic planning, forecasting and contract negotiations across the main micro ingredients and commoditised feed additives.

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For analysts, innovators and those with a vested interest in the animal nutrition and feed industry, finding independent, detailed global and regional information on supply and demand has never been easy.

This has left feed additives producers, premixers, compound feed manufacturers and investors with no option but to base critical investment, business, and supply chain decisions on data that only tells one side of an incomplete story.

For the first time, this clarity is now available.

You can now access fully analysed and truly independent data from over 80 countries in the Delphi tool, giving global capacity, production, trade and consumption from which to base your most impactful strategic decisions in the medium and long term. 

Supply and demand data available in the Delphi tool

Methionine supply and demand data
  • DL-methionine 99%
  • L-methionine 99%
  • Liquid DL-methionine hydroxy analogue-free acid (calculated at 88% of the original number)
Lysine supply and demand data
  • L-lysine HCl 98% (79% lysine content)
  • L-lysine sulphate 70% (55% lysine content - included on a lysine HCl equivalent basis, excluded from trade and consumption numbers)
  • L-lysine liquid 50% (included on a lysine HCl equivalent basis)
Threonine supply and demand data
  • L-threonine 99%
Vitamin A supply and demand data
  • Vitamin A 1000
Vitamin E supply and demand data
  • Vitamin E 50% (as 93% oil)
Vitamin B2 supply and demand data
  • Vitamin B2 80%


How can Delphi help you?

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Save time and cost

Saving valuable time and cost searching for, purchasing, collating, verifying, and analysing hard-to-find supply and demand data, Delphi gives you all this, ready to access, immediately.

2 (1)

Minimise risk

Minimising risk to production, purchasing, and investment decisions, giving you the ability to compare your own data against competitors and the wider industry.

3 (1)

Spot opportunities

Understanding where the best opportunities are, so helping additives producers, feed manufacturers, and investors formulate their medium- to long-term strategies.

What is Delphi?

Delphi is a unique and in-depth annual subscription resource. It comprises two data tools, developed exclusively for those making crucial strategic business decisions within the global feed additives sector.

1. Supply and demand

Over 25,000 data points make up this comprehensive strategy tool, giving access to historical data from 2004 onwards across the global market, plus a five-year forecast.

Delphi covers over 80 countries divided into 8 macroregions, giving you granular detail and a unique perspective on supply and demand across this global industry. This unique dataset is published in Microsoft Excel format, allowing you to use the data within your own systems and analysis tools.

2. Plants and projects

Being able to identify and map the approximately 100 amino acid and vitamin plants globally is critical for strategic investment and supply chain decisions.

Delphi’s plants and projects database highlights the latest data on plant nameplate capacities.

The database also tracks ongoing projects, allowing Delphi users to receive regularly updated intelligence about when new production capacity will come online.

What will you get access to in Delphi?

Over 25,000 independently analysed data points within the Supply and Demand databases

The Plants and Projects database giving insight into current and future capacity

An Annual Report that explains key developments and includes a 5-year forecast

A Methodology document explaining how these databases are compiled

Data visualisations covering key metrics and regions, giving you an 'at a glance' view

Access to the Analyst Team behind the Delphi databases, via a fair-usage policy

A Quarterly Update on changing plants and projects dynamics across the world

A quarterly in-depth Market Analysis to support the databases

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