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Feedinfo News Service has earned a world-wide reputation for excellence in delivering essential business and scientific information to global corporations active in the Agribusiness and  Biotechnology  sectors. We are a forward-looking company with a firm commitment to re-investment.

Through our parent company Global Data Systems, we take full advantage of new developments in the IT and communication sectors. Global Data Systems is a specialist provider of advanced information solutions and extensive electronic databases which ensures that Feedinfo News Service will continue to benefit from the very latest developments in media technology.

Inherent to our strategy, and vital to our on-going success, are the core values that have made Feedinfo News Service what it is: independence, reliability, attention to detail and speed of response. Our goal is to remain a focused News Organization that exploits its underlying skills and expertise to deliver the right information in a logical and efficient manner.

In the future, Feedinfo News Service will maximize its position through a strong plan for accelerated growth. Our determination to remain at the cutting-edge of this industry will guarantee a first-class service to discerning clients, so that they can attain the same levels of excellence and efficiency that we have achieved.

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