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Feedinfo News Service provides instant access to value added Business and Scientific information through our subscription based internet product www.feedinfo.com.

Our content is also delivered in a variety of other formats which are ideally suited for publication on corporate intranets or other business applications. Our focus is the Agribusiness and Food sectors where we guarantee in depth coverage of breaking news on a real time basis for organisations active in the Meat, Biotechnology and Animal feed sectors. Our sister service, FLEXNEWS provides food industry news for multinationals active in that sector.

Delivery formats

Corporate clients may consult our complete News Service through our subscription based web product which can be accessed on www.feedinfo.com. It is also possible to license our data for publication on corporate websites or portals subject to specific terms and conditions.

Using technology developed by Global Data Systems, our clients are able to aggregate and manage data across multiple categories. We offer several automated delivery options which allow users to retrieve our news on a customised basis in the file format and structure of their choice.

Once you have received our data, full control over its display, distribution and frequency is guaranteed in a cost effective manner thereby avoiding the usual high up-front costs of a tailored content delivery service.

Our data is delivered in diverse formats including Extensible Markup Language (XML), Comma Separated Values (CSV), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTML) and ASCII. Our information products have user friendly interfaces ensuring fast and simple searching for specific information.

*** Content focus

Our service covers the following key topics :

All our information products have easy to use interfaces making searching for specific information fast and simple. Our unique user profiling system combined with our targeted email news headline service guarantees the speed and responsiveness of a tailored information product.

Please contact us at fns@feedinfo.com should you require further information on any of our services.

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